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Important notice: Development of Acapulco Framework has been discontinued. You can still access project source code at SourceForge (please see bellow for details), and any artifacts that have been made public.


Welcome to Acapulco Framework Wiki

Welcome to Acapulco Framework, the leading MVC framework for building modular, OSGI-enabled Java Swing applications. This web site provides resources for developers to get started with Acapulco Framework. Here, you will find tutorials, articles, guides and smaple code to get you up to speed with the framework in no time.

What is Acapulco Framework?

Acapulco Framework provides Swing developers with an easy to use MVC framework, while allowing them to leverage existing knowledge and skill set. There's no steep learning, since Acapulco Framework is completely based on Swing and tries to be as unintrusive as possible.

In addition, the framework is based on OSGI, so it allows creation of modular applications from the ground up. These applications can be easily extensible and modules can be reused in wide range of application (think of Eclipse or NetBeans plugins). At the same time, the framework hides most of the OSGI complexities, so even developers without OSGI experience can benefit from it.

The third benefit is that the framework provides various deployment options out of the box. Developers can create GUI wizard installers, RPM and DEB packages with just one click.

Acapulco Framework also provides out-of-the-box support for commonly used functionality, such as internationalization and localization, multithreading etc.

How to start?

You can get started by running some of the tutorials. For those who want to get more in-depth knowledge of the framework, there is extensive reference documentation.


Acapulco Framwork is open source software, developed by Vektor Software. It is published under dual GPL and commercial license. For source code and binaries, visit project's SourceForge page.

If you want to publish your application under the terms of GPL license, you can use GPL version of Acapulco Framework with no charge. You will have to make source code of your application freely available to public.

However, if you want to publish you application under different license, you must purchase commercial license. This is annual license, and it allows you to distribute unlimited number of copies of your application during the license period. After expiration of license period, you must either renew the license, or stop distributing your application.

More on commercial licensing optionsa nd pricing can be found on Vektor Software web site.

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